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Post CSUN Updates!

It was great to see a number of you at CSUN in San Diego this year!  I felt like I could barely get around the exhibition floor, but I tell you talking to so many people is always just a huge encouragement and great to see people in real life!  Thanks for those of you that stopped by or were able to connect.

Just wanted to give you a few quick updates:

  • We released an update to the web service that includes a new function to get user name and user ID.  This is primarily done so that we can support single sign-on to 3rd parties integrating our 'feedback forum' hosted by Uservoice.
  • We are continuing to encourage that those of you that have been long-time users of our API please look to move off of the old authentication calls to "service" and start using the new Mashery API authentication calls.  This means you will no longer require a Bookshare webservice account to be managed and maintained by us.  We also eventually want to deprecate the old service system and support everyone on the more scalable, self-service model here on Mashery.  Details on the changes are documented here.
  • Many of our legacy users may have noticed that our book search results now give you many more results than they have previously.  This is because we previously had a database fielded search and moved off of that to a true search engine (Solr) to deliver our search results.  This means it's more performant and also will support the feature of full text search (which is available to you today).  It also means that it has implemented new search semantics - the way you do searches is slightly different and the search results also implement a "phonetic" or "sounds like" component that allows for a wide degree of misspelling to be accounted for in the search.  However, searches should deliver the most accurate results weighted by a relevancy algorithm at the top of the list (Title and Author are weighted most high in the algorithm).  We are planning on improvements to this search capability, but there are details on how to search on our website in the support portal.

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