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Welcome to the Bookshare Developer Portal

Welcome to the Bookshare Developer Network Blog.  We are pleased to launch our new Developer Network Portal in time for the ATIA Conference in Orlando.  This new site will guide Assistive Technology (AT) Partners and other 3rd party developers through how to easily integrate their applications and devices with Bookshare’s API. 

The Bookshare API (aka web service) allows our partners to enable their customers with qualified print disabilities to search, browse and download books and periodicals directly from our partner’s applications and devices.  Be sure to check out our Partner Gallery to see how various partners have integrated with the Bookshare API.

We will be demonstrating the new Developer Network Portal and API enhancements at ATIA on Friday January 28th from 1:15pm to 2:15pm at the Bookshare team Villa 6504.  Come by our booth to get more details or contact us directly at

Existing Bookshare API developers will want to check out the migration guide, which explains the minor modifications they need to make for taking advantage of new API features.  New developers will want to start by reading the Getting Started documentation.

We value any ideas our partners and developers have, so be sure to provide ideas or vote on feature requests via our UserVoice forum, which can be accessed via the “feedback” tab on the right side of the Developer Portal.  We have also created a forum area where partners and developers can discuss issues and topics.

Along with launching the Developer Network Portal, we have enhanced the Bookshare API to enable the following functionality:

In case you were not already aware, we previously enhanced the API to include an "available to download" field in the search and browse reponses and the ability for organizational members (e.g. teachers) to download books.

We have also added an "available-to-download" field that indicates whether or not a book is available for a given user when using UserAuthenticated authentication.

Stay tuned to this blog for new features and other information by subscribing via RSS or following @BookshareAPI on Twitter.

Finally, we would like to thank Mashery for helping us create a fantastic new experience for our partners who will ultimately create new technological solutions to serve people with print disabilities.